AG 4551N LL

AG 4551N LL is a new high yielding mid group IV variety from Advanced Genetics with the Liberty Link trait. This variety features a very attractive field appearance and terrific yield potential. It Features very good standability and AG 4551N LL may be planted on any soil type, drilled or rowed, and with great flexibility in respect to planting date. This variety is indeterminate in growth habit, which provides excellent stress tolerance and consistent performance across years and environments. AG 4551N LL may be planted anywhere group IV’s are adapted.

  • Maturity: 4.5

  • Height: Medium

  • Plant Type: Med. Bush

  • Flower: Purple

  • Pubescence: Lt. Tawny

  • Pod Color: Brown

  • Hilum Color: Black

  • Seed Size: 2700/ lb.

  • Recommended Row Width: Narrow or Wide

  • Phytophthora Race Resistance: Rps1k Races 1-11, 13-15,17, 18,21,22

  • Cyst Nematode Resistance: MR3 & 14

Agronomic Traits and Disease Resistance