Perennial Ryegrass

Perennial Ryegrass is used all over the world as a valuable species for turf. Its general characteristics of excellent wear tolerance, fast germination, and quick establishment are highly valued. On the other hand, its limited drought tolerance and demand for good management (including fertilization and frequent cutting) restrict the usage of the species in certain regions and for certain purposes. 

Skillful breeding has led to a wide range of varieties which differ in such characteristics as wear tolerance, winter-hardiness, color, disease resistance, sod density, growth rate, and heat and drought tolerance. 

TOPFLIGHT is a blend of top rated turf-type grass varieties which have been selected for: quick establishment, resistance to crown rust, stem rust and leaf spot, high endophyte content to control insect problems, dwarf type leaf and fine texture for low mowing, dark green color allowing lower fertilizer costs, high density for traffic tolerance.

Planting Preparation:

  • Seeding rate 8-10# per 1000 sq. ft

  • Plant in September or March-April.