Bird Food

Product Package Size Description
Blackoil Sunflowers 50#  25# Locally harvested oil sunflowers provide high energy, high protein for bird feeding. These sunflowers have a purity of 98% or higher.
Wild Bird Mix 50#  25# DeLange Seed mix of specialty products that provides excellent feeding for a variety of birds.
White Proso Millet 50# Serve this easily digested seed in a tray or platform feeder for sparrows, juncos, towhees and doves.
Red Proso Millet 50# Red proso is also a favorite to the sparrows and finches, junco and mourning dove.
Stripe Sunflowers 50# Striped sunflowers are larger than black oils and are favored by woodpeckers as they are easier to open. Enjoyed by finches and larger birds such as cardinals, jays and grosbeaks.
Coarse Sunflower Chips 50# The heart of the black oil sunflower is a favorite of finches and provides the benefits of black oils without the messy shells.
Fine Sunflower Chips 50# 10# Incomplete pieces of black oil sunflower hearts for finch feeding.
Niger Thistle 50# 10# Niger is high in protein and fat which makes it a favorite of chickadees, song sparrows, juncos and finches.
Safflower 50# 10# Safflower seed is often used to attract cardinals and discourage blackbirds, grackles and squirrels. It is also enjoyed by jays, chickadees, grosbeaks, titmice, woodpeckers and nuthatches.
Whole Milo 50# Milo has a high nutritional value and is a favorite of upland game birds.
Buckwheat 50# Buckwheat, like sunflowers, provides an additional source of fat and protein for cardinals, mourning doves and redwing blackbirds.
Chopped corn 50# Use a tray or platform feeder to provide chopped corn to a variety of birds from finches to quail and other upland game birds.
Ear Corn 6.5# Have squirrels? Let them gorge on ear corn!