Hybrid Grain Sorghum

Hybrid grain sorghum is a very important crop in Kansas. Sorghum is utilized primarily as a feed grain but it also has industrial applications, is utilized in the production of ethanol and has many applications in the food industry. 

DeLange Seed is very committed to providing their customers with grain sorghum hybrids, which possess the characteristics necessary to provide satisfactory performance in the highly variable environments and field conditions found in Kansas. Our product line has been selected based upon specific adaptation to Kansas. DeLange Seed is not interested in how our products may perform in Texas or Illinois; our only concern is their performance on our customer's farms. 

Lower price is another benefit of DeLange Seed’s dedication of purpose. Without the high costs associated with a national advertising program and salesmen traveling 14 states, DeLange Seed is able to efficiently market superior hybrids at a substantial price savings.

  • A 110 -- early maturity bronze hybrid, good yield potential

  • A 115C -- medium early maturity crème

  • A 117 -- medium early, good yield potential

  • A 121 --medium maturity bronze hybrid, outstanding yield potential

  • A 137 -- medium maturity red hybrid exceptional yield potential