Kentucky Bluegrass

Kentucky Bluegrass is a perennial sod-forming grass that spreads by strong rhizomes and seeds. The species germinates (6-12 days) and establishes slowly. Therefore Kentucky Bluegrass is often used in combination with a faster-growing grass, such as Perennial Ryegrass, which will provide cover while the bluegrass establishes itself. 

Kentucky Bluegrass can withstand frequent mowing and intensive wear, and is widely used for sports fields, fairways, lawns, and turf production. 

Common varieties often suffer from summer heat or from too close mowing and are more prone to diseases. However, breeding has resulted in newly-improved varieties with better characteristics -- including disease resistance, color, texture, density, close mowing, and environmental tolerances. 

A prized turf grass, Kentucky bluegrass, properly managed, produces a beautiful fine-textured lawn. 

Planting Preparation:

  • Seeding rate 2-4# per 1000 sq. ft

  • Plant in September or March-April