AG 4644S R2Y

AG 4644S R2Y is a high yielding mid group IV variety from Advanced Genetics with the RoundUp Ready 2 Yield gene stacked with STS. This is a medium tall variety with very good emergence. AG 4644S R2Y offers very good soybean cyst nematode resistance, an intermediate type growth habit (upward branching) and good tolerance to salt. This variety has a uniform and attractive field appearance. AG 4644S R2Y may be planted anywhere mid group IV varieties are adapted, however, performance will be best on clay or clay/loam soils.

  • Maturity: 4.6

  • Height: Med. Tall

  • Plant Type: Intermediate

  • Flower: White

  • Pubescence: Gray

  • Pod Color: Brown

  • Hilum Color: Buff

  • Seed Size: 2800/lb.

  • Recommended Row Width: Narrow or Wide

  • Phyhtophthora Race Resistance: Rps1c

  • Cyst Nematode Resistance: R3, MR14 (PI 88.788)

Agronomic Traits and Disease Resistance