AG 4880N RS

AG 4880N RS is a new variety from Advanced Genetics. This late group IV is medium-tall with a bush type growth. In ract, AG 2880N RS has profuse branching that results in good width from top to bottom. This is an extremely high-yielding variety with the RR gene and STS gene stacked. AG 4990N RS is very versatile variety that may be planted early or late any any soil type. However, due to its wide growth habit, it’s better suited to 30-inch rows than a drilled environment. It also offers good levels of protection from Phytophithora Root Rot and Soybena Cyst Nematode.

  • Maturity: 4.8

  • Height: Med. Tall

  • Plant Type: Bush

  • Flower: Purple

  • Pubescence: Tawny

  • Pod Color: Brown

  • Hilum Color: Black

  • Seed Size: 3100/lb.

  • Recommended Row Width: Wide

  • Phyhtophthora Race Resistance: 1a (1-2, 10-13, 15-19)

  • Cyst Nematode Resistance: MR4

Agronomic Traits and Disease Resistance