KS 5004N

KS 5004N is a new early group V from Kansas State University. This variety features good resistance to Soybeans Cyst Nematode and Soybean Mosaic Virus. KS 5004N is a medium-tall height with excellent standability. This is a high yield variety that has averaged a little over 3 bushel per acre more than the popular Manokin variety. KS 5004N has excellent adaptation to southeastern Kansas and should capture a large percentage of the non-GMO acres. It may be planted early or late on any soil type.

  • Maturity: 5.0

  • Height: Medium Tall

  • Plant Type: Med. Bush

  • Flower: White

  • Pubescence: Gray

  • Pod Color: Tawny

  • Hilum Color: Imp. Brown

  • Seed Size: 3100/ lb.

  • Recommended Row Width: Narrow or Wide

  • Phytophthora Race Resistance: None

  • Cyst Nematode Resistance: R3, MR14

Agronomic Traits and Disease Resistance